Arcfeld is a massive tower built into a volcano that sprawls almost into the clouds, with a small slowly growing settlement of homes around it’s base that stretch out into the trees. It is built on a small island and ruled by the grand wizard Thametrius, who founded the school after being kicked out of a wizarding guild in the gnomish homeland of Twill. Thametrius left the school with many students, who adapted to living on their own in the middle of a great volcanic island.

Arcfeld is ruled by the Grand Wizard, a title given to the highest-level student of Arcfeld that can pass the Ruler’s Test, a massive, elaborate test that involves challenges of physical, mental, magical, and intellectual skill. The Ruler’s Test is only given when the last Grand Wizard dies, which happens very rarely considering the immense magical advancements at the hands of the Grand Wizard. The current ruler is known as Maxillian, a fetchling who rose through the ranks fairly quickly. When the last Grand Wizard died, he was the only wizard out of the tower to pass the Ruler’s Test, despite his lower station as only a third-rank Archmage.

Leadership is entirely determined by the Ruler’s Test. As there are no settlements on Arcfeld beyond the tower, they have no need for extraneous rulers or governmental systems.

Arcfeld is completely centralized and entirely ruled at the core, and no settlements are permitted outside of Arcfeld’s borders, and is an entirely self-sustaining society

The people of Arcfeld are quite tolerant of newcomers, unless they lack a knack for either knowledge or magic, in which they are snobbish towards people they consider “stupid”.

Food Sources
Magic golems have been programmed to fish, hunt, and gather all the food they need, and in the city there are many magical sources of food, including massive enchanted gardens that grow most foods at dramatically increased rates.

Arcfeld is settled into a large volcano, and the surrounding island area is very temperate with a quick connection to the coastline.

The community of Arcfeld is quite self sufficient, and they use a barter system for most of their dealings. Most bartering is done with knowledge for services, trading essential academic secrets to get ahead and advance in rank in Arcfeld for hard goods.

The military of Arcfeld is rarely used, as many people are terrified of the magical volcanic tower, but is mostly defensive. There is no known standing army of Arcfeld, for they have never once tried to expand outside of their island. However, hundreds of magical servant golems roam the island doing odd jobs and with organization could quite easily beat back invading forces. Lastly, Arcfeld has a long array of tesla towers that store magical energy in their arcane batteries around the base of the Volcano, where mages will often leech energy from the volcano and convert it into the batteries to prevent the volcano from erupting.

The people of Arcfeld are not trained in traditional use of weaponry, but their almost innate magical knowledge sets them apart. The people of Arcfeld have very limited martial training, but most mages use staves or rods as focuses for their spells, and will occasionally get some martial training, especially if they plan on leaving the island for foreign study.

The people of Arcfeld are trained to read by the age of 2, and have a massive educational system in place to streamline the development of intellectual behavior.

Magic is so common on Arcfeld that most people who don’t have access to some arcane or divine power are considered dramatic outsiders.

Source of Magic
Grand mages of Arcfeld have long rumored that one of the reasons for so many newborns having innate magical talents is the power of the active volcano that Arcfeld was built into.



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