Lands of Melira

Solitary Lands

Arcfeld is a large island owned and operated by a grand wizard. Arcfeld has a smaller population compromised of varying races, who are all students in some fashion. Arcfeld is a neutral, solitary city.


Bloodgift is the home of the orcish tribe known as the Bloodgift. Started as a stockpile for their many raids on the wastelands around them, Bloodgift grew to be a shamanistic tribal society. The Bloodgift once resided near the northern edge of The Daggerspine, but were pushed north by Tel’Astran warriors. Bloodgift is still a fairly uncivilized, and mostly vile tribal township. Few orcs have spread into the wild jungles of Kandor nearby to start their owns splinter-tribes when they have had conflicts with the chieftan.

Tel’Astra is an ancient city that was often victim to the raids of the Bloodgift tribe. The city was originally an elven capital, but humans have been flocking to Tel’Astra for knowledge of their darkwood and beautiful, romantic poetry. The city is now ran by two heads, an Elven leader and a Human leader. Tel’Astra is well known for it’s good, splendorous people and a few cities under it’s banner lie in the jungle-heart.

Maulgar is a small city in the center of the Wastelands, and is home to a peaceful tribe of goblinoids. Maulgar was once a tribal outpost for the Bloodgift, but after their goblinoid slaves revolted and smashed the great Bloodgift chieftan’s crown after besting him in combat, the Maulgar Goblins stayed a neutral force in the desert, choosing to keep enclosed as a single society and not spread out into the Wastelands around them.

Tongue Point is a coastal city ran by humans and the Palu’ak, a race of ancient orca-like humanoids. The city has had much blood spilled in a desperate war against the Aboleth in their underwater spire cities, who have enslaved an entire city of Merfolk. The Palu’ak have been pushed onto land by the Aboleth and are limited in numbers after many tragedies. Tongue Point has it’s fair share of issues internally as well, and is a normally neutral city with a few settlements established, one of which being a city founded underwater in a great cave system.

Carsonne is a sprawling, massive metropolis run by a shadowy council who are rumored to be thieves and assassins. The city is known well for it’s many guilds, and Carsonne is well-known to be up for the highest bidder when it comes to war-time. The city of Carsonne is fairly cruel to new comers, and most of the population is as vile as you can get. The ruling system of Carsonne is often laughed at, but at the very least the face of it is the Council of Nine. There are nine major guilds in Carsonne, and each Guildhead is given a place on the Council. Carsonne has been fairly uninterrupted in their search for greed, and have had teh chance to spread out across Kandor’s marshes for years, unabated.


The Crossroads is not named for it’s location physically, but it’s location in the planes. Most plane-jumpers will end up here, and it is the home to a large population of Aasimar, Tieflings, Fetchlings, and other outsider humanoids who choose a life outside of the planes. The Crossroads is a great mecca of spiritual, divine, and arcane knowledge, and many will visit the crossroads to search for information beyond this plane. The Crossroads does not expand new territory, instead choosing to expand on the city itself. The city from above looks like a massive triangle, three wedged sections of city compounding on a great Planar Circle in the center. The three sections are controlled by individual councils of Tieflings, Aasimar, and Fetchlings respectively.

Mellamin is a sprawling elven built into a massive treeline along the coast of eastern Kaloran. Mellamin is a forest city, built high into the trees using as little of nature’s bounty as possible. Most elves from Mellamin are good, if somewhat hostile to new comers. They have expanded their territory in the last few years, choosing to place down new settlements deeper in the forest for different reasons.

Frostbreath Coast

Entropolis is a large city built along flooded antechambers below the Frostbreath Coast. It is a funeral city, built on top of the dead of an ancient empire. It is ruled entirely by intelligent undead, and is considered a somewhat neutral city with a dark and deep past of cruelty and unholy funeral rites.

Old Barad is a city ruled by the Sky Elves, a race of elves that have been on the Frostbreath Coast since the continent was ravaged by the Landspact golem. The Sky Elves are peaceful and focused on magic, nature, and knowledge. Spending most of their lives in study, they know some amount of martial prowess and often interact with the savages of Valdrheim.

Valdrheim is a specialized nordic empire ruled by a grand king, who controls what at first appearances seems to be a massive ragtag band of different barbarian tribes, however, their barbarism is part of their culture and the unity the Skalds of Valdrheim show for eachother is fairly impressive. A society built upon dwarven values and human savagery, Valdrheim is steeped in mystery.

Carrington is another large empire

Lands of Melira

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